“They completed the project on time and as expected. First class work at a fair price. A good team that went out of their way to make sure I was totally satisfied.”

Western Aviation / EDMO
Spokane, Washington

“My wife is ecstatic with our interior. Another airplane I have was done by a company that has a national reputation as one of the best. There is no question that your work is far superior to theirs in terms of quality and attention to detail but coupled with you pricing, your work is by far a superior value.”

Payette Aviation Leasing
Kirkland, Washington

“Congrats for the job you have done on my Mirage. The results were great. Everything looks perfect. I can say that customers can trust in your proficiency.”

Alain Courant

“Not only was I impressed with the quality of the work, but the professionalism displayed during the job was excellent. They truly are a quality shop with extra attention to detail.”

Northwest Aircraft Services
Hayden, Idaho

Making Aviation Luxurious

From the Inside Out

Highlands Aircraft LLC understands what truly makes an aircraft comfortable and unique; an interior that provides a surreal flight experience for both pilots and passengers. Not only can Highlands provide a great cockpit and cabin environment, but create it customized to your liking.

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